Spiral Gymnastics Club clothing and leotards are available to purchase. Leotards can be purchased directly from the club (cash only) and clothing is available to order online.

Club Clothing

All clothing is available to purchase via Kitman UK. Please visit the web link below and items are ordered and paid for through this website. Kitman UK can deliver items directly to you (for an extra charge). The club also collects items from Kitman UK and the items can then be collected from the club. Please let us know if you have placed an order so can collect it on your behalf. Alternatively you can collect the items directly from Kitman UK yourself (address below). The following items are available for purchase:

T-shirts (from £10)

Hoodies (from £20)

Zoodies (from £23)

Onesies (from £29)

Kitman UK: 41 Gwash Way, Stamford, Lincs, PE9 1XS, Tel: 0800 1032912

Club Leotards

Club leotards can be purchased directly from the club (cash only on site). We have stock of all leotards but some sizes may need to be ordered. Please ask for further details.

Club Leotard (£28)

Competition Leotard (£44)

Long Sleeve Competition Leotard (£68)