Gymnastic Squad Training

Spiral Gymnastics Clubs offers a variety of gymnastic squad training sessions for those gymnasts who want to compete within the sport. From recreational to competitive gymnasts, we are here to teach you to be the best you can be in a safe and fun, relaxed environment.

Every squad group at each club will differ. But, here at Spiral Gymnastics, we start with a ‘Development Squad’. This is a specific group that trains for 2 – 4 hours a week. Our higher-level groups train anywhere from 6 – 12 hours a week.

Being placed into a squad training group is not for everyone. Over the years we have had gymnasts move up, down and even sideways! Either because they are struggling and need the pressure taking off of them, or simply the gymnast has requested to move.

Being selected to be part of one of a squad group is a great honour for any gymnast, no matter what age. However, for the younger gymnasts, it can be quite daunting. But, to ensure our squad is the right team for you, we always hold a trial period before setting anything in stone. Please get in touch if your child would like to join a Squad!

Frequently Asked Questions About Squad Training

How do I become part of the squad?

All squad places are by invitation only after a short trial period, usually 6 weeks. While our squads are generally full, we do accept enquiries from parents of gymnasts who may train in a squad environment elsewhere and interested in joining Spiral Gymnastics (for example if you are relocating to the area).

What is the squad training schedule?

Training hours will depend on the squad in which the gymnast is training. Squad sessions run for 46 weeks of the year with two-week breaks usually during summer, Christmas and Easter holidays.

Please note: The head coach or a gymnast’s individual coach will advise specific training breaks.

How does payment work? When will I be charged?

Training costs will depend on the squad in which the gymnast is training. But, regardless of which squad, fees for all teams will be due monthly by the 5th.