Recreational Gymnastics For 4-7 Years

What’s recreational gymnastics and who’s it for?

These recreational gymnastics sessions are great fun and teach all participants the basics of all gymnastics disciplines. Gymnastics helps develop body awareness, balance, co-ordination, self-confidence and social skills. These classes are suitable for children aged from 4 years up to 7 years old. Please note – 4 year olds must be at school for this class.

These recreational gymnastics classes last for one hour and young gymnasts get to be involved in warm-up activities and games and rotate around on the gymnastics equipment in small groups. If you think these sessions would be suitable for your child, get in touch!

Times and Costs

Mon-Fri 4-5pm

Sat 9:30am-10:30am and Sat 1:15pm-2:15pm

Class costs: £120 per term (second class or sibling discount = £108 per term)


Please read our Term Time Classes Important Information