As a proud mum to an 11 week old puppy, socks have suddenly become the “toy of choice”… whether they’re on our feet or not! So odd socks are likely to become even more plentiful in our household! However, even before the puppy it felt like a never ending chore, pairing up the odd socks (is anyone else convinced that their washing machine eats them?!!) so wearing odd socks for anti bullying week is very easy in our house! But what’s it all about?

The Anti Bullying Alliance uses odd sock day to raise awareness of bullying, highlight their campaign, and to show that it’s ok to be different.

This year the theme of the Anti Bullying Alliance campaign is “Change starts with us” – it’s so important to know that everyone has a part to play in preventing bullying, whether they’re a child in the playground, in the gym or on a sports field or an adult that is working with children.

“Change starts with us” is all about how we can all make small, simple changes to stop bullying behaviour, whether verbal, physical, online or in person. We ALL have a collective responsibility to make it happen in creating a safe environment for our children.

We’ve been doing our part here at Spiral Gymnastics club – not just taking part by wearing odd socks but, more importantly, making sure that our members know WHY we are doing it. Change starts with all of us and even just talking about it is a good thing…

Now, if I could just find that other sock….


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